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Natural cheap remedies to treat sunburn fast

When we don’t have handy a soothing lotion for sunburns an efficient one would be to resort to some tricks using ingredients from your own kitchen to quench the pain. Yogurt, lemon juice, baking soda, calendula oil, walnut oil. green clay, tomatoes, honey, green tea are some natural solutions that can help treat sunburnt skin.

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How to perfectly cover a tattoo using make-up

Increasingly more people decide to make a tattoo, and the situations where they should better hide it are becoming more frequent. Whether we are talking about young people who want to hide it at school, or those who work or want to work in a large company and have a interview to attend.

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Get rid of common skin problems with Pepper and Yogurt Mask

Black pepper is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and this is the reason why it has various health benefits for the maintenance of your overall health. Yogurt (besides loving to eat it, because of its fantastic taste) has some hidden health benefits that you definitely didn’t know before. Mixing black pepper and yogurt and applying the obtained mixture on ...

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