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Top 6 foods that stimulate fertility

A bad news for a couple at first marriage is certainly infertility and low chances of having children. Infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive a baby after 12 months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. But when the body’s defense system no longer reacts in front of illnesses or diseases, an imbalance occurs inside that affects reproduction.

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10 secrets of coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is used both externally and internally. It is recognized for the many benefits it provides to health, being a trusted ally in the diets! It has a creamy consistency, and at higher temperatures becomes oily and melts easily in contact with skin.

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Drink that burns belly fat and shrinks the waist

This natural remedy has proved to be extremely beneficial against water retention and excess belly fat and helps women to reduce their size in less than a month. In addition, this powerful combination can improve sight, hearing and brain function. It is recommended especially with cardio and regular physical training. Why is this recipe so powerful?

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