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Natural Remedies against Bad Breath

Although whether the unpleasant odor might be caused by the bacteria that can be found in the mouth cavity, due to poor oral hygiene, as in most of the cases,  however, there are also other cases in which despite immaculate teeth and oral hygiene, there are still other factors that could lead to this problem, such as gastrointestinal track.

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How to use baking soda correctly to whiten your teeth

Yellowing teeth (or tooth discoloration) is representing a common dental problem, which is causing discomfort when you are speaking or smiling, because of its unhealthy and unattractive aspect. Dental enamel is more or less translucent, which means that the lower dentin layer is the one that determines the color of your teeth. Different variations in the structure of dentin can ...

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Are your Teeth Yellowish? Here is what you can Use for Whitening

Yellow teeth may have a lot of causes behind. One of the main causes of yellowish teeth is improper dental hygiene. If you don`t know how to properly brush your teeth or use certain whitening substances with the purpose of whitening your teeth, chemicals in these products sometimes do the opposite: instead of whitening, they stain your teeth. This is ...

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