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5 things that happen to your body in an hour after drinking Coke

After being accused of causing cancer, Coca-Cola decided to change the method of manufacturing the beverage by changing the way it uses caramel which gives brown color to the beverage and that is carcinogenic. The measures are provided only for the United States and even if drink will be implemented remain a health hazard. I know everyone will tell you ...

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7 Ways to get rid of fast food cravings

The more often you eat, the higher will be the addiction and you’ll crave for more and more juicy and crisp combinations full of all kinds of fried food. If you notice that your stomach hurt, how do you stop? Here are some practical solutions!

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6 exercises more effective than running

In a world where obesity is a real problem, all people want to be fit and enjoy a slim silhouette. We all know that the main weapon against obesity, are strenuous exercise. But not many people love exercise and especially running. However there are a variety of exercises that you can do in your home or garden, which are more ...

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