4 ways to curl your hair without heat

Curls are by far the most sensual and sexy hairstyle, most often appeal to curling iron or hair straightener to achieve them. Although the results are excellent, you should know that frequent use of heat damage the hair and slows its regeneration. So the best thing would be to protect your hair as much as possible from heating sources. Save

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Hair Mask based on Garlic

Garlic Hair mask secrets

This mask based on garlic will do wonders for your hair’s health. Find out below how simple it is prepared. Garlic has many therapeutic properties. Among its several properties, it is an excellent remedy for activating hair growth and, in the same time, it also stops hair loss. Garlic is a concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements ...

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Natural hair mask to boost hair growth

Many people nowadays, because of our new society, are getting more and more frustrated because of the hair loss, which can be a medical problem, or a hygiene problem, or a problem that has its causes in the cosmetic products or beauty ones that your using, or, the main problem, aging.

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10 Secrets for Having a Superb Hair

We already know the fact that sunrays and wind may affect the beauty of the hair. This is the reason why you need a special product for its protection. Here is what you need to do, so that you can have superb looking hair all the time: Use products especially designed for hair care. These contain ingredients that hydrate your ...

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